• Machine Design- A high quality stainless steel is used to manufacture internal & external body of the chamber, in between a perfect thickness of PUF is placed for tight insulation. A bullet feet or a caster wheel is provided to give a support to the chamber for standing and easy movement of it. Utility section will be provided at the upper part of the stand-alone chamber where PLC and refrigeration system will be installed. At the back side of chamber humidity system & chamber motor will be installed.
    1. Refrigeration system- Copeland (Emerson) make compressor is hermetically sealed and coupled with evaporation coil & condenser. An eco-friendly refrigerant is used in a compressor which satisfies the requirement of CFC free cooling system.
    2. Humidity system- It consist of steam injection system which provide non condensing steam. The steam generation system is followed by a reservoir water tank to provide continuous supply of water.
    3. Standby refrigeration and Humidity system- The Standby refrigeration and Humidity system is provided and controlled by PLC to get a non-stop functioning of chamber at the time of failure in working system. PLC will automatically switchover from the failed system to standby system. It can also be done manually or scheduled.
    4. Multipoint sensor- A 4 probe or 8 probe sensors will be installed at a particular point of chamber from where an accurate & uniform distribution of temperature & humidity can be detected. In short auto validation can be carry out.

  • IOT communication- Our company has introduced a new feature in environmental testing equipment which will be use for wireless communication with chamber, and a third data backup option to server. It can also communicate with Smart phone device, so we can now directly access the chamber through mobile. An IOT device is the module to this system. It will be connected to an HMI, so the whole data of the chamber will be access by this device and will be directly given to server. The wireless technology of this device is used for accessing the chamber via mobile. As this device is connected to an HMI a direct HMI screen will be shown on mobile device. So one can do the same operation on mobile that he/she is doing on an HMI.

  • PLC- Each and every system in the chamber is controlled by PLC (make- Allen Bradley). It is a high performance PLC for automation, it has a high speed data transfer buses for quick communication between chamber and itself. Its resolution to calculate any numeric data starts from 0.1 decimal point, which in case of temperature will give resolution of 0.1° C and in case of humidity 0.1% RH.
    1. Touch screen display- “Flexen” make touch screen HMI is provided to access the chamber operation & store overall data of chamber functioning . It will work as a second option of data storage. It has a big memory space to store enough data.
    2. Door access using touch screen display- Password protection is provided to access the door of a chamber. So an authorized person will have to enter his login Id and password in the HMI to access the door by giving his reason to access. This system will make the audit trail very easy.
    3. Alarming system- Each and every fault in the chamber is indicated by audio visual alarm system, which is monitor by PLC.
    4. Ethernet communication- Allen Bradley PLC has an Ethernet port provision to communicate with software in the computer. It will also use for email notification. Generally Ethernet communication will give the web browser based access to the software, so one can access this software from anywhere in the factory or outside the factory.
    5. Safety- PLC will perform certain controlling operation which will lead in the safety of chamber, such as monitoring, indicating & controlling of
      • Overshooting or undershooting of temperature and humidity.
      • Low level of water
      • Faulty Humidity & Refrigeration system
      • Faulty sensors

  • Mobile alert- A GSM technology can be used for getting alerts and indication of faults in chamber on the mobile device. A GSM module or IOT device connected to chamber will send the SMS to registered mobile number.

  • Documentation- A whole documentation of IQ, OQ, PQ, and DQ will be provided on completion of every phase of qualification. An user manual will also be provided to understand the proper handling of chamber and software.