Cyborg CDAQ software will become the most reliable and easy to handle for any user, also it can be operated remotely via web browser. The same can be access from mobile. We introduce IOT in communication system. The web base software and IOT adds additional capabilities of data logging, user- configuration, fault finding and new features of alarm notification via SMS and Email. Our software fulfills the requirement of USFDA 21 CFR part 11

  • Highly reliable data handling and communication.
  • Access live or stored data remotely using any computer from any where.
  • First organization to give wireless machine access to user.
  • Ethernet and wireless (IOT) to connect local or plant network PC’s and Mobile devices.
  • View LIVE system Status and Graphs, as well as receive alarm, notification, data log, report files over email.


  • Chamber accessible through web browser and Mobile also.
  • User can access every chamber and its status from remote location.
  • No need of multiple software installation and Qualification.
  • View status, take printouts or executes any of your task from anywhere.
  • Department-wise, Group-wise and Chamber-wise (machine) segregation of users and data.
  • Avoid the redundancy of preparing reporting format (header, footer, Logo, etc.) and other such operations throughout the plant, includes E-records & Esignature date and time stamp.
  • Data will generate in non editable form (PDF file)
  • SMS & Email service for alarms & notifications.
  • MKT calculation in runtime & moving Average with Graphical representation.
  • Component running hours to determine the shelf-life of major components.
  • Live status of all equipment on a single screen display.
  • System diagnosis for troubleshooting via team viewer and other.
  • Ethernet and wireless (IOT) connection with chamber.
  • Every user log stored in software(fault making person identify)
  • Auto data backup